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Aspera’s Transfer Solutions Address Big Data Challenges: White Paper

Executive Summary
A major challenge in high-performance cloud computing is moving big data in and out of the back-end data center. While high-performance servers and hardware are already deployable inside the data center, and WAN bandwidth can be provisioned beyond multi-gigabits per second (Gbps), existing transport technology lacks the capability of fully using the end-to-end capacity provided by the underlying hardware platform, particularly over the wide area.

Improvements in widely available compute, storage, and network components are rapidly improving the ability of commercial, academic, and government organizations to effectively handle big data. By integrating 10-gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) into its mainstream servers with built-in technologies that enhance input/output (I/O) throughput for network and storage traffic, Intel has demonstrated I/O improvements by up to 2.3 times, reduced network latency by up to 30 percent, and improved PCIe* support for increased bandwidth by as much as two times per server.

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