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Teradata Big Data Solution Spotlight

Teradata Unified Data Architecture* is built on Intel® Xeon® processor technology and integrates three platforms—Teradata data warehouse, Teradata Aster* discovery, and the open-source Apache Hadoop* framework—into a comprehensive analytics solution that enables fast, deep, and powerful data management, storage, and exploration.

• The open-source Apache Hadoop framework provides fast data availability by loading any data type without preprocessing.

• The Teradata Aster discovery platform uses the Aster SQL-MapReduce* framework so that users can take advantage of powerful MapReduce parallel processing and analysis (such as pathing and sessionizing) by using SQL queries. Users can also take advantage of multigenre analytics, the practice of applying more than one analytic technique at the same time to solve problems, with techniques such as SQL, graph, statistical, text, and path and pattern analysis.

• Teradata’s integrated data warehouse (IDW) platform delivers strategic and operational analytics for business intelligence with the added benefits of big data analytics. Results of investigations on the Aster discovery platform and the Hadoop framework are promoted into Teradata when they are ready to be shared.

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