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Omer Trajman, vice president of Technology Solutions at Cloudera, talks about how his organization is making major contributions to Apache* open-source projects, Cloudera’s own Hadoop* distribution, and how these efforts are helping organizations profit from all their data. Learn how and why they continue to develop the open-source, big data technology that’s proven and widely in use. Take a closer look at these technologies, including Cloudera’s distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH), Cloudera* Enterprise, Flume, Hive*, Pig Latin, Oozie, ZooKeeper*, Hue, and Mahout*. Then you’ll learn how these solutions work together to help you analyze your big data in real time. From there you’ll get an idea of the training, customization, and support you need to take full advantage of big data. And you’ll also find out why Cloudera says it’s important that big data solutions are built on open technologies—including the Intel® Xeon® processors that power their big data solutions.