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In Big Data We Trust: Forrester Thought Leadership Paper

In Big Data We Trust?
Businesses are hungry for big data insights, but trust issues erode confidence

Executive Summary
Fueled by the buzz and a few public success stories, many firms are counting on big data to deliver tomorrow’s critical business insights. While the hype is deafening, we think reality offers both promise and obstacles, including a perception that emerging big data technology is not capable of supporting mission-critical, real-time analytic applications—the exact thing firms need for success. In August 2012, Intel commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate this hypothesis and provide recommendations to IT professionals on their options.

We analyzed data from several Forrsights* surveys and conducted in-depth interviews with six senior IT executives with knowledge of their firm’s analytic requirements and plans. We spoke both with firms having success with big data and those that were still looking for it; we found that firms need to overcome business and IT misalignment issues and build solutions on trustworthy platforms in order to be ready for secure, real-time, production-grade solutions.

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