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Big data and unstructured data analytics can give you deeper, richer, and more accurate insight into your business. This brief covers why big data matters, the impact on IT, emerging technologies (Hadoop*), and how Intel can help. First, big data is a disruptive force presenting opportunities as well as challenges to IT organizations. To realize its full potential to the organization, big data analytics requires a new approach to capturing, storing, and analyzing data. Second, emerging technologies such as Hadoop and MapReduce are designed to address the velocity, variety, and volume that characterizes the flood of information we call big data. Finally, Intel, the company that makes the technologies that underpin your data center infrastructure—servers, databases, and data warehouses—can help make big data analytics work for you by: • Delivering optimized technology built to scale for big data analytics projects • Helping you advance your new big data analytics projects faster • Addressing tomorrow’s challenges