Intel® Cloud Builders

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Intel® Cloud Builders

Welcome to Intel® Cloud Builders—a cross-industry initiative aimed at making it easier to build, enhance, and operate cloud infrastructure. Intel Cloud Builders is relevant to enterprises, hosters, telcos, and service providers looking for transformational guidance that will yield more simplified, secure, and efficient cloud infrastructures.

Are looking for cloud services for a private cloud or hybrid cloud? The Intel® Cloud Finder program provides tools to determine which cloud service provider best fits your needs.

Reference Architecture Library

Visit the reference architecture library to read proven cloud computing solutions to build a cloud and optimize your cloud infrastructure based on today’s IT requirements. Reference architectures focus on building or simplifying a cloud, enhancing security, and improving efficiency in your cloud environment.

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Reference Implementations

A reference implementation is developed against an Intel Cloud Builders reference architecture. It describes in detail an implementation in a real world customer environment and further demonstrates the intent of the reference architecture.

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Intel® Cloud Builders Webcast Series

The Cloud Builders ecosystem provides in-depth presentations on their cloud solutions and reference architectures.

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Conversations in the Cloud Podcast Series

This weekly series features Cloud Builders companies discussing how their cloud computing solutions help IT users deploy and manage cloud computing technology in the enterprise.

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