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인텔® SOA 익스프레스웨이를 통한 클라우드 게이트웨이 보안

인텔® SOA 익스프레스웨이를 통한 클라우드 게이트웨이 보안

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Intel® Cloud Builders: Gateway Security with Intel SOA Expressway

Audience and Purpose

Cloud computing offers a path to greater scalability and lower costs for service providers, infrastructure hosting companies, and large enterprises. Establishing an infrastructure that can provide such capabilities requires experience. Intel has teamed up with leading cloud vendors through the Intel® Cloud Builders program to help any customer design, deploy, and manage a cloud infrastructure.

Data center operators, solution architects, application users and architects, and security architects are usually responsible for implementing and maintaining the appropriate security model for a particular enterprise, regardless of how the enterprise exposes itself outside the DMZ. For enterprise IT, cloud services pose unique security challenges compared to traditional access security models.

The traditional security model, also known as the single domain security model, focuses on privileged data user access, trusted and anonymous user access, and application access control for data. In the private, public, and hybrid cloud models, however, security requirements evolve significantly. Early solutions for establishing IaaS connectivity have entered on extending the enterprise network perimeter to encompass the cloud services. This model, normally based on virtual LAN technology, allows for easy bi-directional network access between the established enterprise domain and IaaS-type domains. The basic advantage of this model lies in its simplicity; it’s built using well-understood technology from multiple sources. Plus, it is transparent to higher layers of the open systems interconnection (OSI) network stack, making application integration over the network boundary relatively easy—latency and reliability concerns aside.

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