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Czech Broadcaster Launches Cloud-Based IT Services

Czech broadcaster turns to Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series to launch cloud-based IT services

České Radiokomunikace is a modern broadcasting and telecommunications company with nationwide operations across the Czech Republic. It was the first company in the country to offer digital TV broadcasts. Alongside its TV and radio broadcasting services, it also provides afull range of voice, data, and Internet services. The company’s aim is to develop and strengthen its market segment position by continual improvement of services. As such, it recognized the value in offering cloud-based services to Czech companies and built a data center from which to launch these services. To ensure top server performance, security, and energy-efficiency it implemented the Cisco Unified Computing System™ solution powered by Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series.

• New services:

České Radiokomunikace wanted to broaden its product and service portfolio by launching hosted information communication technology (ICT) services to organizations in the Czech Republic
• Cloud delivery:

It aimed to deliver cloud-based virtualized services such as computing power, storage, backup and recovery, security and networking
• New build:

To achieve its objectives, the company needed to build a data center and populate it with servers that delivered virtualization, security and cost-efficiencies

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