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ADLINK, Intel® Media SDK Deliver End-to-End Functionality

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ADLINK, Intel® Media SDK Deliver End-to-End Functionality

With the assistance of ADLINK MSDK Plus*, Intel® Media SDK, already a flexible solution for many media workloads, becomes a comprehensive end-to-end solution for media processing tasks. ADLINK MSDK Plus helps customers perform container file operations (mux and demux), Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) receiving and streaming, and audio processing. Customers developing fully functional media applications will no longer need to deal with these operations themselves. For example, ADLINK MSDK Plus allows customers to decode a container file without additional software to separate the video elementary data from the container file.

ADLINK MSDK Plus expands on the functionality of Intel Media SDK by providing additional modules to handle common media processing tasks not natively supported by the Intel API, including mux and demux of media container files, RTP receiving, and RTP streaming.

Plus, customers can easily build an end-to-end solution around the Intel Media SDK to meet their media processing and communications needs. In this whitepaper, the Intel Media SDK benchmark results for ADLINK products are presented, followed by an overview of ADLINK MSDK Plus modules and their applications.

Read the full ADLINK, Intel® Media SDK Deliver End-to-End Functionality White Paper.