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3D 이미지 품질을 향상시켜주는 인텔® 퀵 싱크 비디오

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Intel® Quick Sync Video Improves 3D Image Quality

The case study looks at how Intel® Core™ i7 processor-based notebooks help athletes capture and share their most demanding feats in stunning 3D quality using improved video conversion and editing capabilities.

Snowboarder Tim Humphreys uses Intel® Quick Sync Video technology to enhance GoPro CineForm Studio* editing software, a combination that increases performance and image quality while conserving power. Humpreys likes the GoPro/Intel platform because it provides faster rendering and transcode times that allows him to capture downhill runs at a higher frame rate.

• Streamlined performance: By increasing conversion speed with Intel Quick Sync Video, Intel Core i7 processors enable content developers to work quickly and maintain their creative focus.
• Stunning 3D video: With enhanced 3D graphic capabilities, Intel Core i7 processors deliver high-impact visual clarity.
• Increased energy efficiency: The Intel Core i7 processor uses power aware interrupt routing for increased power savings, resulting in lower idle power output that saves energy for more demanding applications.

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