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Today’s threat landscape is riskier than ever before, and it requires a new approach to security management. Security threats are escalating at an alarming rate, and well-funded cybercriminals are now creating sophisticated malware that is designed to circumvent traditional security solutions by loading before the operating system and evading antivirus protection. As a result, risk exposure has reached unprecedented levels.

In this planning guide, “Preventing Stealthy Threats with Next-Generation Endpoint Security,” you’ll find out how to address the challenges of today’s threat landscape with integrated security solutions from Intel and McAfee. This practical guidance is designed to help you gain a solid understanding of stealthy threats; gain insights into the damage these threats can cause to client endpoints; prevent zero-day rootkits using McAfee* Deep Defender* hardware-assisted security with Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors; and enhance security on endpoints using McAfee ePO* Deep Command* security management with Intel Core vPro processors. Next-generation security from Intel and McAfee delivers an added layer of protection that works beyond the operating system to prevent attacks in real time and help you improve security management. These innovative solutions bring together world-class processor technology from Intel and leading security software from McAfee for the industry’s first preventive security approach.