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Improving Ultrasound Breast Cancer Diagnosis: Case Study

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Improving Ultrasound Breast Cancer Diagnosis: Case Study

The SuperSonic Imagine Aixplorer* improves breast cancer diagnosis using high-definition images of tissue elasticity reconstructed with Intel® Core™ processors. The device allows physicians to see ultrasound images in real time with high-definition, contrast resolution and continuity of tissue borders.

The Aixplorer delivers more accurate lesion diagnosis and provides the following benefits to doctors, hospitals, and clinics:
• Fewer false positives
• More precision in biopsies
• Ultrafast imaging
• Platform flexibility

The primary technology behind the Aixplorer is SuperSonic Imagine ShearWave Elastography*, which introduces a new concept in imaging based on assessing tissue elasticity with reproducible independent results that are independent of user skills. This is achieved with the real-time generation, capture, and computation of shear waves as they move through tissue.

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