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Dörrer + Broßmann: Driving Optimal Modeling Performance

Dörrer + Broßmann cuts the time to model car parts from seven days to five hours with Intel® Xeon® processor-based clusters.

Founded in 1992, Dörrer + Broßmann offers structural design and simulation services to automotive suppliers. The small but specialized company calculates the design of tools needed to manufacture (stamp) certain parts of cars, a compute-intensive process that requires highly precise modeling (less than 1 mm margin of error).

Dörrer + Broßmann uses workstations to run simulations in its Autoform* software. Although the machines have eight cores, running a simulation takes 24 hours. The results must then be refined by the end customer using LS-DYNA* software. It’s not feasible for Dörrer + Broßmann to use LS-DYNA itself, because it could take up to a week of computing time per run on its current hardware.

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