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Advantech AIMB-212*: User Manual

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Advantech AIMB-212*: User Manual

1.1 Introduction
The AIMB-212* is designed with the Intel® Atom™ processor N450/D510 and the Intel® I/O Controller Hub 8M (ICH8M) for industrial applications that require both performance computing and enhanced power management capabilities. The motherboard has on board CPU Intel Atom processor N450/D510 1.66 GHz and DDR2 667 MHz up to 2 GB.

The AIMB-212 offers cost-saving integrated graphics, built on the Intel® N450/D510 chipset and features the unique Intel® Extreme Graphics architecture that maximizes VGA performance and shares system memory up to 224 MB.

Advantech AIMB-212 is designed with an Intel ICH8M and on board CPU Intel Atom processor N450/D510 1.66GHz. A rich I/O connectivity of 6 serial ports, 8 USB 2.0, Dual GbE LAN and 2 SATA ports.

1.2 Features
• Rich I/O connectivity: 6 serial ports, 8 USB 2.0, Dual GbE LAN
• Standard Mini-ITX form factor with industrial feature: The AIMB-212 is a full-featured Mini-ITX motherboard with balanced expandability and performance
• Wide selection of storage devices: SATA HDD, CF, customers benefit from the flexibility of using the most suitable storage device for larger capacity
• Optimized integrated graphic solution: With Intel® Embedded Gen 3.5+ GFX Core, 200/400-MHz render clock frequency for Intel N450/D510 chipset.

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