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Intel® Multithreading Tools Assist Software Developers

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Intel® Multithreading Tools Assist Software Developers

The document examines how more mainstream computer system architectures, including many Intel product lines, use a design philosophy of doing more work per processor clock cycle. One consequence is that multiple processor environments have proliferated and are widely available for all markets, from server and mobile to embedded and communications. For an application to take full advantage of these new systems, software should be split among multiple execution cores.

Intel has created several industry-leading development tools to assist software architects and programmers as they multithread their applications. This family includes the Intel® C/C++ Compiler, the Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer, and the Intel® Threading Tools. This richly featured environment is indispensable for writing and debugging high-performing multithreaded code.

The white paper demonstrates one methodology for multithreading by analyzing a popular, open source-distributed storage application called Open-iSCSI.

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