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Arch Rock IPsensor Node*: Datasheet

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Arch Rock IPsensor Node*: Datasheet

Arch Rock IPsensor Node* is an IEEE 802.15.4 wireless battery-powered device with integrated temperature, humidity, and light sensors. Available expansion ports and generic sensor drivers allow users to easily augment the IPsensor node by choosing from thousands of different external switches, sensors, and relays to create uniquely tailored wireless networks.

The versatile IPsensor node can be placed in residential, commercial, or enterprise settings and will automatically and securely join the Arch Rock PhyNet* IP-based wireless mesh network via an IEEE 802.15.4 standards compliant radio with internal antenna operating at 2.4GHz.

A web-based interface lets users add external sensors without writing embedded software on the sensor nodes. Users can choose among available pre-compiled embedded applications to program the nodes over-the-air from the PhyNet* server.

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