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Advantech’s Latest HMI/SCADA Industrial Panel PC*: Solution Brief

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Advantech’s Latest HMI/SCADA Industrial Panel PC*: Solution Brief


With their combination of high performance and energy-efficiency, processors based on Intel® Core™ microarchitecture are being designed into a broad range of demanding embedded application environments. One of the most demanding of these application segments is industrial control and automation.

The proliferation of sensor networks in modern manufacturing environments is creating a surge in demand for high performance data processing and analysis for industrial control, as well as the ability to exchange data with enterprise IT infrastructure. Meeting these goals requires high performance computing resources located as closely as possible to the factory floor and software that is fully compatible with IT data processing systems.

Achieving the highest levels of performance once required industrial computing board vendors to adapt server-grade platforms with multiple CPU sockets. The latest embedded Intel® processors and chipsets are changing this design paradigm.

Embedded industry leaders such as Advantech are using the Intel® Core™2 Quad processor Q9400 in a validated platform solution with the Intel® Q45 Express chipset. This platform meets their requirements for high performance/watt, remote manageability, excellent integrated graphics, and software compatibility—without involving trade-offs in board complexity and cost.

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