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Computing Technologies for the Industrial Pyramid: Brief

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Computing Technologies for the Industrial Pyramid: Brief

Advanced Intel® Product Technologies Reduce System Cost and TCO

Manufacturers, facing intense global competition, are increasing productivity and cutting costs by linking systems throughout the organization, from factory-floor management to global sales organizations. As a result, production managers can monitor operator and materials efficiency in real-time, as opposed to waiting until the close of the production day for key operational information. Similarly, there is greater efficiency in customer and supply chain management when data is readily available across the industrial pyramid, comprising soft programmable logic controllers, CNCs, factory workstations, and corporate servers.

Further cost reductions can be realized when equipment in the industrial pyramid is designed with the latest computing technologies that reduce system cost and total cost of ownership. Helping industrial original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) achieve these objectives, Intel® processors, Intel® chipsets, and Intel® product technologies are delivering many capabilities to provide key benefits, such as:
• Cutting equipment support costs by improving remote diagnostic and repair capabilities
• Reducing system costs by consolidating software onto a single board
• Lowering utility costs by saving power whenever the software workload decreases

This solution brief discusses how Intel® vPro™ technology and Intel® Power Management Technologies, which are built into select Intel silicon components, improve remote management, virtualization, and power utilization capabilities, thereby enabling industrial OEMs to deliver more cost-effective equipment and create a competitive advantage. Equipment with Intel vPro technology enables manufacturers to take advantage of hardware-assisted security and manageability capabilities that enhance their ability to maintain, manage, and protect their factory-floor and top-floor infrastructure.

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