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TOKIN* Industrial Panel PC Enables Business Agility

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TOKIN* Series Industrial Panel PC Enables Business Agility

ARBOR Technology Incorporated provides the intelligent system solution for automotive manufacturers, connecting the production data from factories around the world to the automaker's cloud-based centralized monitoring network.

A typical automotive plant comprises five manufacturing facilities that produce parts such as dashboards, tires, car shells, headlights, and engine systems, which are then assembled into complete vehicles. To pursue its aggressive drive for quality and efficiency, technology is applied to factories and established a cloud-based centralized monitoring network, relying on centralized servers via the Internet to consolidate production data collected from the factories around the world. With access to real-time data from the central offices, the management team is no longer dependent on estimations or guesswork.

Integrating Intel® architecture into its manufacturing infrastructure at the factory enables the end-to-end cloud computing infrastructure that connects the production floor to the central office. This allows the management team to analyze the data collected from factories, identify issues instantly, and react nimbly.

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