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Command Alkon Ends Two-Box Solution for Real-Time Embedded System

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Command Alkon Ends Two-Box Solution for Real-Time Embedded System

Announcing the End of the Two-Box Solution for Embedded, Real-Time Applications
Concrete production system harnesses TenAsys eVM* for Windows,* Intel® Virtualization Technology and high-performance, multi-core Intel® architecture to enable a single system to reliably and securely support both general-purpose and real-time operating systems.

Case Summary
Situation: Command Alkon has millions of dollars invested in its proprietary software application: COMMANDbatch.* Thousands of concrete producers around the globe rely on it to manage, control, and facilitate the production of concrete – a highly perishable product. It is a real-time application developed to control a dedicated, custom-built hardware platform. Command Alkon customers have been using a standard desktop for the management side of the application, with a dedicated second “box” to perform the real-time functions. The two are linked by a network connection and are in constant communication with one another

Challenge: With two complete sets of hardware needed, the two-box solution is expensive. Plus, the configuration introduces several extra points at which failure is possible, including the network connection between the two systems, the flash drive in the second processor, etc. Software support was difficult too, because the desktop application had to automatically download updates to the second processor for the real-time program. This function alone requires a great deal of custom, sophisticated, fault-tolerant software to be tested with every release. Command Alkon wanted a more efficient, reliable, and less costly solution, something that offers higher performance and is also easier to maintain. They considered porting the application to a programmable logic controller (PLC) or a new runtime environment, but determined such a move would be cost-prohibitive.

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