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Intel® Core™ i7-800/i5-700 Desktop Processors: Datasheet, Vol. 1

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Intel® Core™ i7-800/i5-700 Desktop Processors: Datasheet, Vol. 1

Volume 1 of this document provides DC electrical specifications, signal integrity, differential signaling specifications, pinout and signal definitions, interface functional descriptions, and additional feature information pertinent to the implementation and operation of the processor on its respective platform.

The Intel® Core™ i7-800 desktop processor series and i5-700 desktop processor series are the next generation of 64-bit, multi-core processors built on 45-nanometer process technology. Based on low-power, high-performance Intel® microarchitecture, the processors are designed for a two-chip platform instead of the traditional three-chip platforms. The two-chip platform consists of a processor and platform controller hub, Intel® 5 Series Chipset, which enables higher performance, easier validation, and improved x-y footprint.

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