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Pentium® Mobile Processor Development Kit: Brief

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Pentium® Mobile Processor Development Kit: Brief

Product Overview
The Intel® Pentium® mobile processor (90nm) with Intel® E7520 chipset development kit offers developers a low-power, high-performance platform for a variety of communications and embedded market segments such as wireless infrastructure, routing, security, and industrial control. It supports next-generation technologies such as dual-channel DDR2 memory performance and up to three x8 PCI Express* interfaces, providing support for a variety of high I/O bandwidth peripherals. This platform enables outstanding instruction execution/watt while providing scalability with Celeron® mobile processors and Pentium mobile processors on 90nm process.

Product Highlights
• Intel® E7520 chipset-based board
– Intel® E7520 Memory Controller Hub
– Intel® 6300ESB I/O Controller Hub
• Scalability with Pentium and Celeron mobile processors on 90nm process
• Support for dual-channel ECC DDR2 400 MHz
• Front-side bus frequency at 400 and 533 MHz

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