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Intel IT Annual Report: 2013 Mid-Year Update

Transforming IT (and Intel): A pyramid of change for IT leaders

While Intel IT has routinely received high marks for performance; I believe we can do more. I believe we can help transform the business in significant and impactful ways. This requires new thinking, new strategies, and a shift in cultural norms while renewing our relationship with the business and up-leveling their expectations of us.

These expectations have historically centered on operational excellence: keeping the lights on and delivering core IT services while maintaining systems and cost effectiveness. And by these measures, Intel IT performs impeccably. We are flawlessly executing programs and service delivery. Our transactional relationship with business groups is excellent.

And we continually satisfy the day-to-day needs of the corporation and its divisions.

However, these longstanding expectations have fostered a narrow view of how IT can help achieve the objectives, challenges, and opportunities facing our business. For IT to deliver higher levels of contribution and value, we need to start at the top. We must redefine IT leadership.

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