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Creating Business Value through Context-Aware Computing

Intel IT is discovering that context-aware computing offers substantial business value across the enterprise. Context-aware computing factors in the situation of an entity—whether a person, place, or thing—and provides task-relevant information or services, making tasks more efficient and improving decision making through context-driven recommendations.

Examples of broad enterprise use cases that offer business value include the following:

• Employee and team productivity. Context can improve team effectiveness and the use of office resources while personalizing computing interfaces.

• Enforcement of IT consumerization, security, and privacy controls. Context can be used to enable a flexible and dynamic security model that can adapt to a user’s work or personal situation, enforcing the appropriate controls to protect corporate intellectual property and assets while protecting a user’s personal information.

• Business continuity. Sensors can monitor factory equipment to help predict equipment failures and enable proactive maintenance.

• Facilities management. Sensors can help reduce energy costs by providing better energy management and can help reduce the need for preventive maintenance through automation.

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