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전용 클라우드 PaaS – 응용 프로그램 배포 가속화

클라우드 인식 응용 프로그램 설계를 장려하고 리소스를 최적화하기 위한 IT 모범 사례

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Private Cloud PaaS – Accelerating Application Deployment

Intel IT’s private cloud PaaS accelerates custom application deployment and promotes cloud-aware application design. Our traditional application deployment process is less-than-ideal, taking as much as 140 days to deploy a new application. We have conducted a successful proof of concept that tested PaaS and believe it will empower developers to be in control from development to deployment—exponentially reducing time to production and optimizing the use of resources.

Read the full Private Cloud PaaS – Accelerating Application Deployment white paper: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/secure/intel-it-best-practices/extending-intels-enterprise-private-cloud-with-platform-as-a-service.html