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Cross-Platform Enterprise Mobile Application Framework

Intel IT is extending an enterprise mobile application framework to support cross-platform mobile application development. The framework lays the foundation for rapidly taking advantage of emerging technologies, such as context-aware computing, and interaction methods, such as perceptual computing.

The framework consists of a standardized development environment, a secure runtime environment, an API aggregation gateway, and mobile management. It provides application developers with reusable building blocks for accessing local device capabilities and back-end services, enabling them to focus on user experience (UX) and business logic. For example, authentication and security are handled by the runtime environment within the client-side application—developers do not have to rewrite these pieces of code for every application.

Our extended framework offers enterprise-wide benefits
End users benefit from device flexibility and UX consistency. As a user switches between applications on the same device or between devices to access the same application, the framework allows the UX to remain consistent and yet take advantage of the specific device’s capabilities.

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