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Improving Client Stability with Proactive Problem Management

White Paper: Intel Information Technology

Executive Overview

Intel IT implemented a proactive problem management process based on analysis of objective, largely system-generated data from client PCs across our worldwide environment. Using this approach, we have increased client stability by reducing the number of blue screen system crashes by more than 50 percent, and we are beginning to realize benefits in other areas including application crashes.

Traditionally, IT support has been reactive and emergency-driven; users report issues to the service desk, and the IT organization responds. However, this relies on subjective reports and focuses support only on the reported issues.

Our process differs significantly from this, adding a proactive approach:
• We regularly harvest data from the environment to identify existing and emerging issues. As part of this, we developed a tool that collects system crash dumps from thousands of clients and parses them to identify the root cause.
• We categorize and prioritize these issues based on impact, business value, and IT resources.
• We apply a problem management cycle to analyze the top-priority issues, deploy solutions, and measure the results.

Using our process, we reduced the number of blue screens by more than 3,000 per week. We have also begun to resolve application issues; this has improved security by reducing crashes of antivirus software.

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