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SoundGrid* Audio Processor Rides Wave of Innovation

Audio processing innovator sets a new standard and supports customer goals with new Intel® technology-based platform

• Meeting ambitions. Ensure sound engineer customers have the tools they need to achieve their professional goals
• Get Moore. Tap into processing power enhancements presented by Moore’s Law by migrating to Intel® architecture
• Prepare for change. Enable use of audio over Ethernet to meet growing industry demand

• Careful testing. Waves evaluated a range of Intel technologies to find the best platform for its SoundGrid* solution
• Optimize. It used a suite of Intel technologies to optimize the performance of SoundGrid software on Intel architecture
• Great connections. Ethernet connectivity through Intel® Ethernet Server Adapter i210completes the new computing platform

Technology Results
• Performance boost. The Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family has delivered a 200-fold performance increase compared to the previous server platform• Lower latency. Latency was cut to just 0.8 milliseconds

Business Value
• Debut release. Waves SoundGrid is the first Intel architecture-based audio processing platform, offering customers the benefits of Moore’s Law for ongoing development. This creates a competitive advantage for Waves
• Greater flexibility. Application programming interfaces (APIs) can now be made available to third-party plug-in developers thanks to the increased versatility of Intel architecture. Being able to tailor the solution more specifically helps open new revenue opportunities for Wave

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