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KPN Moves its Mobile Customer Care to HP

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KPN Moves its Mobile Customer Care to HP

Evolve existing HP Integrity NonStop* system to a bladed infrastructure to achieve greater price and performance with the same high reliability

Deploy HP Integrity NonStop BladeSystems* with direct-attached storage for mission-critical Mobile Customer Care System (MCCS) application and database

Business technology improvements
• Increased processing capacity over 200% to ensure timely and accurate data delivery
• More efficiently handled tens of millions of call detail records (CDRs) per day
• Provided greater scalability to address fast-growing transaction volume
• Boosted performance, with up to 40 percent increase for most business-critical processes

Business outcomes
• Significantly reduced both capital and operating expense of MCCS system through cost-effective standardization
• Enabled KPN to continue use of proven MCCS application and database in a highly reliable environment
• Helped move KPN toward an HP Converged Infrastructure with simplification of the IT environment
• Provided an excellent platform for possible future addition of value-added services
• Anticipate a cost reduction of approximately 20 percent in capital and operating expense over the next five years

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