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마이크로소프트 Windows 파워쉘용 인텔® v프로™ 기술* 설명서

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Intel® vPro™ Technology for Microsoft Windows PowerShell*: Manual

Direct Access to Intel® AMT enables the Ability to Fix Problems on the Fly

Ways to Implement an Intel® AMT Application

• Intel AMT SDK
The Intel AMT SDK provides the necessary APIs and libraries to use Intel AMT features. Intel expects effective and collaborative participation from ISVs.

• Intel AMT High Level API (HLAPI)
The HLAPI provides an easier-to-use interface for developing applications that work with systems equipped with Intel AMT.

• Intel vPro Technology Module for Microsoft* Windows PowerShell*
Provides IT Professionals an easy, scriptable mechanism to interact with Intel AMT.

Microsoft* Windows PowerShell*

• Microsoft’s implementation of Windows PowerShell* allows IT professionals to achieve greater control and productivity

• Standard / Simple / Flexible for IT Professionals

• Adapts many different type systems and data formats to a common user experience

• Provides IT Shops with the tools to solve day-to-day real world opportunities

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