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Intelligent Device Management Solution

Improving retail system manageability and brand engagement.

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Intelligent Device Management Solution Improves Manageability

Consumers want a consistent, comfortable brand experience, whether they are checking out at your retail counter, looking at a sales promotion on a digital sign, or using a kiosk to find product information. One way to ensure that level of consistency is to deploy an end-to-end retail solution designed with manageability and networking interoperability in mind, making it easier to present uniform brand messaging that builds sales.

This is possible using readily available, off-the-shelf components and systems that are integrated into Intel’s Intelligent Device Management Solution. In addition to effective brand promotion, this solution makes it more cost effective to manage devices and collect anonymous data using the powerful data collection and audience measurement tools provided by the Intel® Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel® AIM Suite). Intel AIM Suite helps retailers improve brand engagement by providing customer demographics information, such as age range and gender, while maintaining high standards of privacy and security.

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