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Intelligent Sales Assistant Hybrid Tablet PC Solution

Improving the in-store shopping experience and enhancing brand engagement.

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Intelligent Sales Assistant

Executive Summary
The digital age has put the consumer in the driver’s seat, and businesses are working hard to understand how this new dynamic could impact brand engagement. Empowered by “always-on” Internet connections and informed by the opinions of others, many consumers believe they are better informed than sales associates and would rather not engage them. As the balance of power shifts from business to consumer, brand optimization is more difficult because it’s harder to control the selling process in a predictable and planned way. As a result, the ability of brick-and-mortar retailers to influence consumers is trending lower and could ultimately decrease sales opportunities
To solve this challenge, businesses can increase brand control by developing a holistic, synchronized, digital experience capable of building and sustaining 1:1 personal relationships with every single customer. One avenue is to equip sales associates with the Fujitsu Stylistic* Q702 Hybrid Tablet PC, a smart mobile device capable of showing customers typical online information, as well as exclusive content that provides useful product information and raises brand awareness. As a result, customers benefit from a personalized experience, and businesses gain from more brand control and empowered sales associates.

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