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Giant Leap in Storage Server System Performance

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Giant Leap in Storage Server System Performance

Lightstone’s success relies on its ability to quickly retrieve information from its database management system. It recently deployed 10Intel® X25-E Extreme SATA Solid-State Drives to increase the performance and reliability of its supporting storage server system, while improving scalability.

• Better service. Further improve the quality of products and services by rectifying data inconsistencies and increasing the speed at which information can be delivered to customers
• Future-proof hardware. Future-proof its existing storage server system to cope with increasing numbers of users and complexity of queries made to its Microsoft SQL Server*2008 R2 database management system

• Evaluate performance. Lightstone evaluated the performance of the Intel® X25-E Extreme SATA Solid-State Drive (64GB) in the Intel® Modular Server System MFSYS25, compared to its existing Intel® Server System S7000FC4UR (Hard-Disk Drive)

• Multiple benefits. Time taken to validate a database was reduced from 36 minutes to just three minutes; time taken to install a new server was reduced from a few hours to just 10 to 20 minutes; time taken to retrieve data from Microsoft SQL Server* 2008 R2 database management system was also slashed; database administration time reduced by 90 percent
• Better service. Performance improvements make a huge difference, particularly when there are concurrent database users and large spatial database queries; data inconsistencies are no longer an issue
• Driving future success. Storage server system is much more scalable, making it easy to add new users and more intense database queries in the future.

Read the full Giant Leap in Storage Server System Performance case study: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/solid-state-drives/ssd-lightstone-study.html