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Intel® Rack Scale Design (Intel® RSD) is an industry-wide architecture for disaggregated, composable infrastructure that fundamentally changes the way a data center is built, managed, and expanded over time.1

Introducing Intel® Rack Scale Design (Intel® RSD)

Innovation drives change and fuels growth, but efforts to keep data center infrastructures ahead of the curve can be costly. Intel, working with industry-leading ecosystem partners, delivers solutions to increase agility to meet the demands of these innovative workloads while lowering capital and operational costs. Watch the introductory video to find out how.

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Get Smart About Intel® RSD


Learn about the key attributes of a solution based on Intel® RSD and how you can benefit with increased agility and decreased costs.

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Executive Summary

Examine the business rationale for building your data center on an architectural foundation that simplifies management and adapts to changing resource needs.

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Architectural Overview

Explore the essentials of the Intel® RSD reference architecture, including the software framework, hardware diagrams, and feature lists of current and future versions.

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Get Started with Intel® RSD

Access Intel’s comprehensive documentation on the Intel® RSD reference architecture, including: Specifications, implementation guides, and release notes. In addition to this documentation, Intel delivers fully-validated reference code for key Intel® RSD software components.

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Look for a solution based on Intel® RSD from one of our partners to begin your data center transformation. Explore products and solutions from leading hardware and software vendors who have built on the Intel® RSD foundation to meet the real-world demands of enterprises as well as cloud and communications service providers.

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