Better UX. More Productivity. Simpler Deployment.

Get the most out of your Device as a Service featuring the Intel vPro® platform.1 2


  • More productivity for all

  • Premium performance

  • Uninterrupted workflows

  • Innovation prioritized

  • Simplicity & Flexibility


Device as a Service (DaaS) featuring the Intel vPro® platform is designed to move business forward. The Intel vPro® platform is designed for business and built to perform, making it a best-in-class technology for DaaS.

Together with enhanced provider support, this third-party device management solution offers streamlined workplace technology management, predictable costs for budgeting, and a full suite of user benefits — for your IT department and your workforce — that helps improve productivity and free up valuable resources.

Productivity for all as a service

Today’s workforce requires highly reliable devices that allow them to stay productive wherever they may be — all while knowing that their PCs and data are secure.

IT teams are supporting this shift in workforce mobility and strive to deliver a smooth user experience to all end users. But with budget and resources often stretched thin, managing a fleet from end-to-end and ensuring support for devices have become lower priorities. The solution? Device as a Service featuring Intel vPro® technology.

About 70% of employees work at least one day a week remotely.3

Premium performance as a service

Built for Business4 Intel vPro® platform supports technology that helps your teams get the work done right. Devices powered by Intel vPro® technology deliver premium performance with hardware-enhanced security, modern manageability, and improved stability.

  • Performance: Intel vPro® processors offer a suite of power, performance, and connectivity technologies that can help employees handle the most demanding computing workloads
  • Security: Out-of-the-box protection and an embedded layer of security at the hardware level allow end users to work with confidence
  • Manageability: Saves businesses time, resources, and costs when managing and securing PC fleets, as well as minimizes disruptions to end users
  • Stability: Allows businesses to support fewer systems in their environment, reducing complexity in device lifecycle management

Uninterrupted workflows as a service

When your team is in the zone, you want to keep them there. Devices powered by the Intel vPro® platform ensure that the demands of your workforce are met with a smooth user experience that is both powerful and secure. The Intel vPro® platform also allows for remote manageability so providers can monitor devices, address hardware-level security, and support platform stability usually with little to no disruption to the end user workflow.

  • Premium core processors: Better handle high-demand applications and give desktop performance to mobile devices to maintain continuous productivity
  • Intel® Hardware ShieldMinimize the risks of malicious attacks and ensure seamless and secure computing experiences with this proactive, hardware-enhanced security feature
  • Intel® Active Management Technology with Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel® EMA)Sophisticated management and security capabilities can discover, repair, and help protect remote and on-premise devices to keep devices more secure and teams productive

Innovation prioritized as a service

With your trusted DaaS provider handling day-to-day and lifecycle device management, your IT resources can dedicate themselves to broader business objectives. Whether that means strategic initiatives or better customer service, DaaS frees up valuable resources and lets you focus on taking your business to the next level.

From help desk calls and asset management to retiring of old hardware, your provider knows how to handle it all with:

Simplicity as a service

DaaS featuring the Intel vPro® platform seamlessly integrates premier technology and enhanced IT support into a complete end-to-end solution. Implemented via a consistent, per-user subscription to a third-party DaaS provider, this solution bundles hardware, software, services, and support in one place, thereby offering your company even more ways to streamline your tech management.

Intel® Transparent Supply Chain (Intel® TSC)

  • Lets you validate where and when every component of a device was manufactured
  • Provides supply chain assurance of platform hardware during the DaaS lifecycle
  • Increased integrity and authenticity means a more secure supply chain

Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) Solutions Processors

  • Invaluable to remote workers for support and workflow
  • Faster connectivity and wireless speeds for more responsive performance
  • Enhanced security and reliability in dense work environments

Intel® AMT and Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel® EMA)

  • Keep end users secure, up-to-date, and ready to work
  • Enable out-of-band, cloud-ready management
  • Gain remote visibility inside and outside the corporate firewall

Intel® Trusted Device Setup (Intel® TDS)

  • Gets end users operational faster
  • Zero-touch configuration
  • Enables direct device shipment to end users

Flexibility as a service

DaaS featuring the Intel vPro® platform works for businesses large and small across a variety of industries.

Designed to help small businesses succeed: As companies grow, so too does the burden on IT departments to manage a larger number of device lifecycles. DaaS featuring the Intel vPro® platform is a scalable and customizable solution that enables your company to maintain its technology budget without sacrificing premium devices and available IT support.

Designed to provide enterprise-level support: DaaS powered by Intel vPro® technology can better equip small businesses for big success. This all-in-one solution helps provide the latest PC technology supported by professional and proactive third-party IT expertise without the need to hire an IT staff.

Move your business forward

Discover Intel’s network of trusted partners and service providers whose vast experience and expertise can support your business, no matter the size.

Built for Business4 Intel vPro® platform gives your business premium performance, hardware-enhanced security, modern manageability, and improved stability through a predictable DaaS subscription.

To Learn More

Contact your service provider about their Device as a Service offerings or learn more at the link below.

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