Intel Hardware and Windows* 10

Windows* 10 hardening starts with the Intel® vPro™ platform. Stop choosing between security and productivity. With Intel and Windows* 10, you can have both. See how you can maximize battery life, security, and system performance in this video. The demands placed on IT today are growing. It would be great if IT could pick one or the other—productivity or security—but today, you've to have both. ...When you have newer PCs, you inherently have the greatest and latest enhancements—new security features, new manageability features, new productivity enhancements. Intel’s got a whole host of products that help make a more productive enterprise and a more productive employee. One of those is Intel® vPro™ platform, the highest-performing systems with the most advanced features. We’ve worked with Microsoft throughout the entire process to deliver hardware and software that work seamlessly together. So the combination of Windows* 10 and Intel's latest hardware offers the best experience for the employees—better battery life, better multitasking, and better system performance. And they collectively deliver an experience that delights the end customer but also delivers what IT needs to make sure that the enterprise is safe.1

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