Intel Climate Change Policy Statement

Intel Corporation believes that global climate change is a serious environmental, economic and social challenge that warrants an equally serious response by governments and the private sector. By its nature, climate change is a global problem that defies simple “silver bullet” solutions or contributions by a narrow group of countries or a few industry sectors. Addressing climate change requires broad leadership by both the public and private sectors. Intel exercises leadership both in reducing our own footprint and in working with others to influence the development of sound public policies. We take actions to measure, reduce and report on our own direct climate “footprint”—the emissions resulting from our own operations, our supply chain, and the use of our products—and proactively invest in energy conservation and renewable energy. We also focus on increasing the positive impact of our “handprint”—the ways in which Intel® technologies help others reduce their climate and energy footprints. We are committed to transparently reporting on our climate change and other policy-related activities, including our political contributions, oversight processes, and engagement with trade associations.