Bringing Down the Barriers to Edge Intelligence

The need for IoT edge applications has never been greater. But complex requirements; unique connectivity, security, and latency challenges; and disparate edge infrastructures impede progress and extend time to market for software developers.

With the Intel® Edge Software Hub, we are accelerating the development of edge computing solutions and lowering the barriers to creating reliable, scalable applications.2 This one-stop resource makes it easy for developers to quickly find, prototype, and integrate the edge computing software they need. It offers robust tools and deployment-ready software packages that are pretested and prevalidated—helping to save time and money. Solution development is complemented by Intel’s expansive portfolio of scalable, interoperable hardware solutions and vast ecosystem offerings.

Simply choose the vertical-specific software package, customize the configurations to your needs, and decide on your target hardware for deployment. You’ll speed up the solution development journey from weeks to hours or minutes.

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Edge Use Cases

Explore some real-world applications of the Intel® Edge Software Hub and download a reference implementation to start a sample application.

Edge Computing Software That Simplifies Edge AI Solutions

Start with a powerful foundation for data processing, image processing, and edge AI analytics. The Intel® Edge Software Hub features vertical packages to accelerate innovation for key edge computing use cases.

Converged Edge Insights

With Converged Edge Insights, use pre-integrated modules designed to accelerate building edge applications for next-generation networks, including 5G. This package makes it easy to configure the Open Network Edge Services Software (OpenNESS) toolkit for on-premises or network edge deployments. Create inference applications with the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit that run on your choice of cloud framework on networks managed by any service provider.

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Edge Insights for Vision

Edge Insights for Vision gives you an optimized Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit setup, along with preintegrated IoT components.2 All this provides a seamless edge-to-cloud developer experience for creating computer vision applications for key edge use cases.

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Edge Controls for Industrial

Intel® Edge Controls for Industrial offers cost-effective edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and real-time analytics on a software Reference Platform with pre-validated hardware. Transition your industrial robotics workloads from customized, vendor-locked hardware to flexible software-defined solutions with a range of technologies for containerization, virtualization and orchestration.

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Edge Insights for Industrial

Edge Insights for Industrial provides production-quality software packages and prevalidated hardware modules for video and time-series data ingestion, on-the-edge data storage, and predictive analytics for factories. These optimized, containerized packages enable sensing, analytics, machine vision, automation, and more.

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Intel® Edge Software Hub Ecosystem

Intel is helping enterprises of virtually all sizes accelerate time to market for edge intelligence solutions.

Recommended Devices at Intel® Developer Zone

The software offerings available through Intel® Edge Software Hub are optimized for Intel’s expansive portfolio of hardware solutions, allowing you to deploy solutions across hardware platforms of choice. Our scalable portfolio supports an expansive array of use cases with the power and performance required to enable deep learning and inference at the edge.

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Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kits

The Intel® Edge Software Hub makes it easy to create Intel® IoT RFP Ready Kits and Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions that are hardened and deployable commercial-ready offerings. What’s more, the Intel® Edge Software Hub will feature capabilities and solutions from the ecosystem that give you more options and powerful solutions in the future.2

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Seamless Edge-to-Cloud Developer Workflow

The Intel® Edge Software Hub is making it simpler for developers to benefit from edge-to-cloud workflow integration. The Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit and marquee cloud service provider (CSP) offerings allow developers to extend their cloud applications to seamlessly develop and deploy solutions at the edge.2

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Intel® Edge Software Hub Partners

Together with our partners, we are accelerating the development of edge computing solutions across industries today. Read the testimonials to learn more about our partners' success with Edge Insights for Industrial, Retail and Vision.

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