Intel is pleased to provide a variety of services for Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® OPA) products.

Warranty Coverage Information

Intel is pleased to provide warranty coverage for all Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® OPA) products. Coverage details vary by product. Refer to the matrix chart below for specific detail. All warranties on newly purchased OPA products include an additional 90 days of complimentary warranty coverage in addition the listed coverage periods. For products with Advance Warranty Replace (AWR), Please refer to the RMA process and info link at the bottom of this page. All AWR replacements will leave our spares depot the day after the RMA is approved. Shipping transit times are not guaranteed. In addition to the OPA warranty, Intel provides a 90 return for credit policy on OPA products.

  Switch Products Switch FRU Components Host Fabric Interface Mechanical Components Cables
Warranty Base Terms 1 year 1 year* 3 years 90 days 3 years
Term Extendable Yes No No No No
Parts Replacement Advance Warranty Replace. Ships from Depot next Day Advance Warranty Replace. Ships from Depot next Day Advance Warranty Replace. Ships from Depot next Day Advance Warranty Replace. Ships from Depot next Day Advance Warranty Replace. Ships from Depot next Day
Shipping Included Included Included Included Included
Firmware Updates Included Included Included N/A N/A
  *     Switch FRU Components installed in a switch will assume the warranty coverage of the switch.
**   Credit returns are handled through your distributor.

Switch Products

Intel provides 1 year of warranty coverage for all switch models. Switch warranty coverage may be extended beyond 1 year with the purchase of warranty extensions. Switch warranty extensions are sold in 1 or 3 year increments and may be purchased at any time. Certain limitations and rules apply to warranty extensions as follows:

1.    Warranty coverage on switch products must be continuous. No coverage gaps may exist. If your switch product warranty has expired, you may purchase an extension that begins on the day following the last warranty coverage to bring your coverage up to date.

2.    No Switch product may carry more than 5 years of future warranty coverage at any given time. You may continue to extend warranty coverage until 5 years beyond the product lifecycle provided not more than 5 years of future coverage is held at any one time.

Switch FRU Components

Switch FRU components include leaf, spine, and management modules, plus fans and power supplies. Intel provides a 1 year warranty on all Switch FRU Components. The warranty cannot be extended, however any FRU component installed in a Switch will assume the warranty coverage provided by the switch. Therefore all installed modules in a switch are covered by the Switch Products warranty.

Host Fabric Interface (HFI) Cards:

Intel provides a 3 years, non-extendable, warranty on all HFI cards.

Mechanical Components:

1.    Mechanical components include, rail kits, air baffles, filler panels, etc.

2.    Intel provides a 90-day, non-extendable, warranty on all Mechanical Components.


Intel provides a 3 years, non-extendable, warranty on all cables.

Out of Warranty Repair Service:

Although not usually needed, Intel offers out of warranty repair service at a cost for selected switch products. Please contact your authorized distributer or an Intel representative for more information on repair service.

Intel Entitlements Hub

To assist you in managing your OPA warranties, Intel provides a Customer Warranty Portal where you may view and manage your Intel® OPA product warranties. Click here to visit the Intel entitlements hub ›

Training and Learning

Intel is pleased to offer a variety of training and learning opportunities to further your knowledge and proficiency of the Omni-Path product line. To benefit from this offering, please visit the Intel® Learning Network by clicking the Intel® Omni-Path Training link below.

• Click here to access the Intel® learning network ›

• Intel® Learning Network is a portal for all your OPA related training and education needs. To use the Intel® Learning Network you must first have an account set up. Click here to set up a new account ›