Intel teams with global technology leaders to collaboratively develop and standardize more advanced supercomputing tools. With help from industry-leading companies, Intel enables easier-to-use, more efficient, and enhanced high performance computing (HPC) scalability through the Intel® True Scale Fabric architecture.


Appro is a leading developer of innovative supercomputing solutions. Appro is uniquely positioned in the high performance computing (HPC) market focusing on small, medium, and large-scale deployments where lower total cost of ownership is essential. Appro accelerates technical applications and business results through outstanding price/performance, balanced architecture, open standards, and engineering expertise.

Supercomputing solutions from Appro allow scientists and engineers in academia, government, and industry to use data-intensive computing for their scientific research discovery, data modeling, engineering simulations, and seismic visualization.

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Dell drives simplification and standardization into high performance computing (HPC) solutions, enabling scientific breakthroughs and discovering new opportunities to create and sustain competitive advantages. As one of the world's leading systems providers, Dell helps organizations leverage computational power to solve complex problems faster with reliable, scalable, and ever-simpler technology. As part of its strategy, Dell works in close partnership with companies like Intel Corp. to deliver product-ready systems for distributed and compute intensive environments.

Dell HPC solutions include the entire Intel® True Scale Fabric portfolio, from HCAs and switches to advanced management software tools. Dell HPC solutions coupled with Intel® True Scale Fabric interconnects deliver superior functionality and power for high-performance departmental and workgroup computing.

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As a world-leading technology company, HP's high performance computing (HPC) computing solutions enable customers to accelerate innovation and boost productivity. Purpose-built solutions for performance at scale, combined with Intel® True Scale Fabric deliver the performance, efficiency, and value to scale without limits.

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IBM delivers powerful, innovative clustered computing solutions to help customers solve their most challenging and complex problems. IBM takes a holistic approach to creating cluster systems offerings that involves designing and delivering complete, robust technical solutions that are easy to acquire, environmentally responsible, competitively priced, and backed by world-class support. When combined with Intel® True Scale Fabric, IBM HPC solutions deliver performance that scales to meet the most demanding levels of performance for high-performance departmental and workgroup computing.

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