Datasheet: Intel® System Controller Hub (Intel® SCH)

Intel® System Controller Hub: Datasheet

The Intel® System Controller Hub (Intel® SCH) is a component of Intel® Atom™ processor technology. The Intel® SCH combines functionality normally found in separate GMCH (integrated graphics, processor interface, memory controller) and ICH (on-board and end-user I/O expansion) components into a single component consuming less than 2.3 W... of thermal design power. The features of the Intel® SCH provide functionality necessary for traditional operating systems (such as Microsoft Windows Vista* or Linux*) as well as functionality normally associated with handheld devices (such as SDIO/MMC and USB client). The Intel® SCH was designed to be used with the Intel® Atom™ processor Z5xx series.

This document is the datasheet for the Intel® SCH component. The document content includes signal description, system memory map, register descriptions, a description of the Intel® SCH interfaces and major functional units, electrical characteristics, ballout definitions, and package characteristics.

Read the full Intel® System Controller Hub Datasheet.

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