IT를 통한 비즈니스 성장 가속화 2012-2013년 인텔 IT 성과 보고서

IT를 통한 비즈니스 성장 가속화 
2012-2013년 인텔 IT 성과 보고서

IT를 통한 비즈니스 성장 가속화 2012-2013년 인텔 IT 성과 보고서

Intel IT Annual Report 2012-2013

This year’s IT Annual Performance Report provides insight into Intel’s rapidly changing business environment and highlights the value IT continues to deliver. It has been a monumental year of transformation as Intel pursues new opportunities. We are reinventing the PC through the Ultrabook™ device. The industry is shipping the first smartphones and tablets w...ith Intel® processors inside. These new lines of business create urgent, unique IT demands—from manufacturing and supply chain to sales and marketing. By providing insight and innovation, Intel IT is influencing decision-making by delivering technology solutions and systems of engagement across all of Intel’s businesses. More than ever, IT is poised to advance our company’s competitive advantage by delivering results for the unique and evolving business needs of Intel.

Our mission is to “Grow Intel’s business through information technology.” We did this in 2012 by applying business intelligence and cloud solutions across Intel’s business units, resulting in faster time to market for our products and improved efficiency. At the same time, we demonstrated that embracing the consumerization of IT and social computing results in increased employee productivity and collaboration.

As my team and I continue to align the future of our IT organization with Intel’s vision, we are focused on achieving three imperatives: deliver operational excellence, achieve business objectives, and transform Intel through insight and innovation.

I invite you to read this report and share your feedback and experiences with us on Look for the next online issue of Intel IT’s performance report in August 2013.

Read the full Intel IT Annual Report 2012-2013.

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