Intel® Authorized Distributors and Approved Suppliers

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Intel® Authorized Distributors

Top Tier Distribution Partners Who Offer The Latest Intel Technology

Earn rewards, get training, and find special promotions when you buy from Intel® Authorized Distributors.

Intel Authorized Distributors offer the latest boxed Intel products, components, and server systems sourced directly from Intel, plus a wide selection of Intel®-based computers and devices from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). They offer a broad suite of benefits including world-class customer service, credit, technical support, promotions, logistics and training.

인텔® 공인 대리점

Intel® Approved Suppliers

Intel® Components and Devices from Experienced Sources

When you buy from Intel® Approved Suppliers, you get quality Intel® technology as well as the product knowledge to support customer solutions.

Intel® Approved Component Suppliers sell components and boxed products and Intel® Approved Device Suppliers sell systems and devices to help bring your solutions to market faster with proven dependability and experience. These suppliers buy from authorized sources such as Intel® Authorized Distributors and manufacturers, verifying product authenticity and quality. Eligible purchases from Intel Approved Suppliers qualify for Intel Technology Provider benefits and points.

Want support, benefits, and a variety of the latest products from distributors who purchase directly from Intel and OEMs? Intel® Authorized Distributors can help. 

인텔® 공인 공급업체

Intel® Technology Providers currently do not receive points for these purchases.

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