Intel® Stratix® 10 DX FPGAs

Intel® Stratix® 10 DX FPGAs and SoCs enable next generation high bandwidth applications ranging from cache-coherent accelerators, custom servers for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), and higher performance SmartNICs. They are the first FPGA devices to support Intel® Ultra Path Interconnect (Intel® UPI) for direct coherent connection to future select Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. It also includes PCIe* Gen4 x16 interface at 16GT/s for faster connectivity, and support for select Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory.

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Intel® Stratix® 10 DX FPGAs

인텔® Stratix® 10 DX FPGA

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제품 이름
로직 엘리먼트(LE)
디지털 신호 처리(DSP) 블록
최대 임베디드 메모리
패키지 옵션
Intel® Stratix® 10 DX 2800 FPGA Launched Q3'19 2753000 5760 244 Mb F2912
Intel® Stratix® 10 DX 2100 FPGA Launched Q3'19 2073000 3960 239.5 Mb F2597
Intel® Stratix® 10 DX 1100 FPGA Launched Q3'19 1325000 2592 114 Mb F1760

Features & Benefits

Introduction to Intel® Stratix® 10 DX FPGAs

Introducing Intel® Stratix® 10 DX FPGA for your high bandwidth and evolving data center requirements. It is the first FPGA to support Intel® Ultra Path Interconnect (UPI), PCIe* Gen4 x16 and select Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory DIMMs. Watch this video to learn more!


제품 및 성능 정보

1Comparison based on PCIe* Gen. 3 vs. PCIe* Gen. 4 theoretical peak performance, based on PCI-SIG specifications.

Comparison based on Stratix® V vs. Intel® Stratix® 10 using Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro 16.1 Early Beta. Stratix® V Designs were optimized using 3 step optimization process of Hyper-Retiming, Hyper-Pipelining, and Hyper-Optimization in order to utilize Intel® Stratix® 10 architecture enhancements of distributed registers in core fabric. Designs were analyzed using Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Fast Forward Compile performance exploration tool. For more details, refer to Intel® Hyperflex™ FPGA Architecture Overview White Paper: Actual performance users will achieve varies based on level of design optimization applied. Tests measure performance of components on a particular test, in specific systems. Differences in hardware, software, or configuration will affect actual performance. Consult other sources of information to evaluate performance as you consider your purchase. For more complete information about performance and benchmark results, visit

3Intel® Stratix® 10 DX FPGA, UPI vs. PCIe*, estimated roundtrip latency, based on internal Intel estimates.