Five Must-Have Laptop Experiences People Expect in 2021

Human-Centered Innovation:

  • The Intel Evo platform is built on data-driven insights. Intel’s social scientists spent thousands of hours talking with laptop users to know what types of experiences they need most from their PC.

  • Research shows that 23% of laptop buyers say that a lighter weight would be an improvement and that that public Wi-Fi being too slow is the second biggest frustration they have when using their device on-the-go.

  • Together, with our partners, Intel Evo laptops are designed, tuned and tested to deliver responsiveness, battery life, and instant wake, as well as other advanced capabilities.


The Intel® Evo™ platform is inspired and guided by thousands of hours of candid interviews with real people and real-world testing. These conversations are fundamental to our innovation process and will continue as we evolve and deliver the most intuitive, productive, and entertaining laptops. As Intel continues to partner across the industry, our innovation will continue to lead the way in design, testing, and rigorous verification standards.

Intel and our over 150 ecosystem partners worked together to test and verify that each Intel® Evo™ laptop design meets key experiences1. Let's break down the five key experiences and innovations people demand of their laptops.

Portable & Lightweight

Like Jeff Staple, founder of the streetwear brand Staple, our research shows 23% of laptop buyers say that a lighter weight would be an improvement over their current laptop. "I always have a computer on my back,” the creator explains. Intel Evo verified designs are ultra-lightweight – weighing in at less than 1.5 kg – while other portable laptops can weigh between 2.3 kg to 3 kg. These laptops are thin and portable because we know modern go-getters are rarely in one place for long.

All-Day Battery Life to Keep Up with Long Days

“Entrepreneurship sometimes means some pretty long days," admits Trinity Wofford, Co-Founder of wellness brand Golde. Power users like Wofford have helped propel battery life to one of the top three features laptop buyers look for before purchase. Studies show that running out of battery is the top pain point. All Intel Evo devices solve that problem, by delivering nine or more hours of battery life with full HD displays2. And, for longer days, a 30-minute charge gives people four more hours of battery life3.

High-Speed Connectivity

Our studies found that over 25% of those who take their device on-the-go say that public Wi-Fi is too slow. In the field, biologist Phil Torres recalls times when, “my phone can upload videos, but my laptop can’t.” With Intel Evo-verified designs, featuring Thunderbolt™ 4 and built-in Intel Wi-Fi 6 technology, on-the-go users get the high-speed connectivity and the fast, reliable cable connection they need.

Immersive Laptop Graphics and Audio to Stay in the Flow

DJ Brittany Sky is among the 28% of laptop shoppers that state resolution and brightness are top of mind when selecting a new laptop. "I'm entertained there. I can create there," Sky details. We knew audio and visual features like Intel® Iris® Xe graphics, immersive displays, and Gaussian Neural Accelerator (GNA) 2.0-enabled noise cancellation would be must-haves for every Intel Evo laptop design.

Responsive, High-Speed and Always Ready for Focus

According to our research, a slow device is one of the top reasons shoppers buy a new laptop. As “The Happy Newspaper” founder Emily Coxhead explains, "I need a laptop that can keep up with my pace of work." Intel Evo laptops, powered by 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, have consistent responsiveness4 and wake in less than a second, so people can maintain focus and workflow.

Check out the newest premium laptop line-up available now. These Intel Evo-verified designs tout all five of these must-have experiences, and more. For more information about the Intel Evo platform read other articles here.

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