Introducing Intel® Iris® Xe MAX Graphics

Leadership Experiences on Thin-and-Light Laptops

Intel® Iris Xe MAX is Intel’s first discrete graphics product in 20 years, delivering amazing experiences for creation and gaming.

Now, people who want extra performance don’t have to sacrifice a sleek form factor or stunning visuals. You can enjoy it all, without compromise, on laptops with Intel® Iris® Xe MAX. Intel’s platform approach makes it possible, combining 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, discrete graphics capabilities, and unique software and hardware optimizations to maximize gaming, creation, productivity, and more.

Experience Optimized CPU & GPU Performance

Intel® Iris® Xe MAX offers no-compromise performance from both the CPU and GPU. Intel® Deep Link Technology matches the right workload with the right compute solution—enabling discrete graphics for creation and gaming, while 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors power great productivity with 20% more CPU performance than systems with third-party graphics solutions.1 Deep Link enables faster, richer AI capabilities for less waiting and more creating, with 7x better AI performance than other discrete graphics.2 Plus, quad encode engines deliver class-leading streaming and sharing, with over 75% faster encode.3

Creativity: Stay in the Flow

Building from 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, Intel® Iris® Xe MAX unleashes creators to produce, edit, and share professional-quality content on incredibly thin-and-light laptops. Intel® Iris® Xe MAX was designed for this need, providing advanced graphics performance and media capabilities, while still taking full advantage of the innovation and performance on 11th Gen processors. Now video editors will be able to decode images, edit content, and then render out the video for review or sharing on social media quickly, so they can stay in the creative flow.

Gaming: Level Up Your Gameplay

Intel® Iris® Xe MAX makes playing today’s most popular titles on a sleek laptop seamless, immersive, and fun. With discrete graphics performance, rich media capabilities, and a new low-power architecture, you can enjoy even the latest titles in up to 1080p, anywhere. This is boosted by the latest software features enabled in Intel graphics, like Game Sharpening and Instant Game Tuning.

Unleash Your Creativity

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제품 및 성능 정보


인텔® Irise Xe MAX가 탑재된 11세대 인텔® 코어™ i7-1165G7 1.2배 성능과 Nvidia Geforce MX350 기반으로 시뮬레이션된 11세대 인텔 코어 i7-1185G7의 트랜스코드 비디오를 제공합니다. CPU 트랜스코드를 사용하여 핸드브레이크 (1.3.3 버전)에서 FPS를 측정한 결과입니다.


인텔® Iris Xe MAX가 탑재된 11세대 인텔® 코어™ i7-1165G7과 Nvidia Geforce MX350 탑재된 10세대 인텔® 코어™ i7-1065G7을 비교한 7.34배 성능의 사진을 업스케일링합니다. Topaz Labs Gigapixel AI (버전 5.2.1) 사진 업스케일 워크로드의 시간(초)으로 측정되었습니다.


인텔® Iris Xe MAX가 탑재된 11세대 인텔® 코어™ i7-1165G7와 Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 Super MaxQ를 탑재한 10세대 인텔® 코어™ i9-10980HK 비교해 1.78배 성능으로 트랜스코드 멀티스트림 비디오를 전송합니다. GPU 배치 트랜스코드를 사용하여 Handbrake Nightly (20201020-96317ec50 버전)의 초당 시간을 측정했습니다.


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