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What makes us different? Intel’s expertise spanning silicon, software and foundry, gives us a unique place in the research ecosystem to address the data challenges of our future. Our disciplined approach identifies the most promising ideas and advances them through our innovation workstream to deliver impactful technologies to the world.

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Recent Publications

BrainIAK Tutorials: User-Friendly Learning Materials for advanced fMRI analysis

Manoj Kumar, Cameron T. Ellis, Qihong Lu, Hejia Zhang, Mihai Capotă, Theodore L. Willke, Peter J. Ramadge, Nicholas B. Turk-Browne, Kenneth A. Norman

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Context Matters: Recovering Human Semantic Structure from Machine Learning Analysis of Large-Scale Text Corpora

Marius Cătălin Iordan, Tyler Giallanza, Cameron T. Ellis, Nicole M. Beckage, Jonathan D. Cohen

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Mining Message Flows using Recurrent Neural Network for System-on-Chip Designs

Yuting Cao, Parijat Mukherjee, Mahesh Ketkar, Jin Yang, Hao Zheng

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