Bring Online Shopping Inside the Store


Big-box and warehouse retailers provide consumers with an extremely wide choice of products—too numerous to have on the showroom floor. It is a challenge to display every available product in thousands of stores without incurring significant inventory risk.


Overcoming this limitation, large-format, interactive visual displays are the next best thing to having an item in front of you. They bring products to life with full-size images on multiple interactive high-definition displays, allowing you to look inside an appliance like a refrigerator. Customers see the store’s entire product portfolio, enabling them to make informed product comparisons.


  • Extend the product range
  • Reduce in-store inventory
  • Facilitate purchase decision making

Product Introduction Station: In-depth

Inventory management brings online convenience inside

Suning improves inventory management at its electronics stores with a consumer product introduction station that analyzes customer data to control inventory levels and improve product forecasting while helping customers with questions and transactions.

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Key Ingredients

Technology What it is:

Intelligent shopping solution from YDreams

Full-size product images on multiple, interactive, high-definition displays

Media players

Intel® Core™ processor-based computers with Intel® Clear Video HD Technology connect to digital signs

NEC 55-inch HD video displays

Touch-screen frames that span each display stack


Tablet application for sales assistants, including a product inventory browser, news updates on products, customers’ browsing history on the kiosks, customer support alerts, and detail views of product features

Intel® Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel® AIM Suite)

Powerful anonymous viewer analytics (AVA) data collection and audience measurement tools

HQ back-end system

Core data, including product availability, prices, product codes, and descriptions used by the client application

Edge servers

Data synchronization, statistics, and services to the shopping solution and tablets

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