Same Inventory In-store and Online


Customers expect a seamless and consistent shopping experience even when they cross channels, like buying an item online and picking it up at a physical store, or buying an item online and then returning it to a physical store. For them, it’s just one retail brand, although behind the scenes it may be a different story, especially when each channel has a unique set of business processes and infrastructure.


This situation can be remedied with the NCR converged multi-channel retailing solution that tightly couples inventory visibility for brick-and-mortar stores and corporate web sites. Conduct sales transactions across channels in a way that ensures prices, promotions, and inventory views are the same regardless of the shopping mode. In the case of ‘buy online, return to a store,’ a large retailer said that about 50 percent of the time, customers will purchase another item during their visit, according to NCR. Likewise, around 25 percent of customers will buy an additional item while picking up merchandise from a store.


  • Capture lost sales by eliminating channel-specific inventory
  • Improve visibility of corporate-wide inventory
  • Sell in-store merchandise 24x7

Multi-Channel Retailing: In-depth

Converged retailing solution delivers consistent customer experience

NCR provides a converged multi-channel solution that integrates brick-and-mortar stores with retail web sites to create a seamless shopping and returns experience for customers, keeping inventory balanced and simplifying transactions.

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Technology What It Is

NCR Advanced Store*

The main POS software package for delivering converged retailing

NCR RealPOS* 80XRT POS terminals

A scalable POS workstation, based on the Intel® Core™ processor, designed to meet today’s and future business requirements

NCR System Integrity*

An automated and proactive security solution

Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT)

Technology enabling IT personnel to quickly fix many types of system problems remotely, thus improving system availability and the end-customer experience

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