This Is 5G Changing Lives on Intel

Intel-supported 5G networks will unlock a new era of health, with smart, connected solutions for healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers, payers, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, researchers, and patients.

Intel Energizes the 5G Health Renaissance

Discover how 5G will transform health and generate opportunities through unparalleled speeds and agility, ultra-low latency and extreme reliability of networks, powered by Intel® technologies.

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Creating Sustainable Health Solutions

Discover actionable recommendations for building the infrastructure to support digital health programs, as technologies such as AI and 5G integrate further into the health system, in “The Promise of Digital Health: Addressing Non-communicable Diseases to Accelerate Universal Health Coverage in LMICs.”

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Why 5G Is Poised to Change Healthcare

5G will tackle some of healthcare’s most pressing issues, including medical deserts, assisted therapies, and data disruption. It’s time to prepare for the next revolution in healthcare, where technology will transform how health providers understand patient health, deliver treatment, and expand access to expert care.

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Intel Is Driving Healthcare Transformation

5G’s ultra-high capacity and ultra-low latency will compound the potential of precision medicine solutions that utilize high-powered computing capabilities. Learn about the solutions that Intel already enables—leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and data analytics—for providers to enhance patient care in hospitals and health systems.

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